DuraDEEP ® - Hydrotherm - The benefits of our waterproofing solution

DuraDEEP® is a revolutionary and innovative product created by Hydrotherm. Its effectiveness and durability make this exclusive product a reference in waterproofing and surface protection for masonry and concrete. It has been developed with the highest standards in the industry. Its performance has been proven by several studies and certified by the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ). This makes it the ideal protection against humidity.

DuraDEEP® benefits

Improved thermal efficiency through reduced thermal conductivity;

Reduced heat loss

Slows down the aging and degradation of concrete and masonry surfaces;

Protects against water infiltration, efflorescence and mildew;

DURADEEP - Protects your concrete and masonry

Energy-efficient solution with no impact on the environment;

Breathability rate of 90% and more

Deep penetration of up to 17mm

Greatly reduces water absorption


Ministère des Transports du Québec

Accreditation by the MTQ for the use of the product on the road network of the province of Québec.

  • Overpass
  • Concrete road
  • Public structure
ISO-15148 standard (Waterproof / Hygrothermal)

Our product is designed to meet efficiency standards by minimizing water absorption on masonry and concrete surfaces by 95% or more and reducing heat transmission.

Study by the Danish Institute of Technology

Product tested by the Danish Technological Institute for its thermal properties. It has been proven to reduce energy consumption. The product is proven to reduce heat loss from exterior walls by 30% or more.