Concrete protection - Hydrotherm - Anti-crumbling solution

Protecting your masonry

It has been shown that the durability of concrete is determined by the permeability of the surface. Concrete exposed to water and moisture will gradually lose its durability and permanence. In addition, stagnant water or moisture will create mold and mildew, causing black spots to appear on the surface. DuraDEEP® helps protect and preserve the condition of treated surfaces and is guaranteed to be effective for up to 20 years.

Crumbling Solution

Crumbling is a problem that becomes apparent when the concrete of a structure begins to lose its strength and disintegrates. This recurring problem in Quebec is due to the harsh climate as well as freezing and thawing episodes. Over time, concrete becomes porous, disintegrates and allows moisture to pass through. The DuraDEEP® treatment is ideal for preventing structural crumbling and protecting the integrity of a building for many years.

Crumbling Solution

Torrential rains, water accumulation and improperly installed eavestroughs are some of the factors that could cause cracks in the concrete structures of your building in addition to the freeze-thaw phenomenon. Cracks on your concrete surfaces could then cause water infiltration and serious problems to the integrity of the structure. It is possible to prevent these costly problems by treating your building’s concrete structures with Hydrotherm’s DuraDEEP® treatment.

DuraDEEP protects your concrete