Masonry Protection - Hydrotherm - DuraDEEP Water Repellent Solution

Masonry Protection

DuraDEEP® will protect surfaces from water and UV damage. This allows masonry structures to remain perfectly breathable and microporous.

  • Water absorption reduced by over 95%;
  • Improves the appearance and performance of facades;
  • Turns your walls into self-cleaning surfaces;
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Reduces energy costs by cutting thermal bridges;

Exterior walls exposed to moisture are real thermal bridges. Moisture that penetrates the porous surface of a facade causes increased heat loss. The more an exterior wall is protected from moisture, the more the thermal conductivity will be reduced. A moisture content of 5% in a brick wall can reduce its insulating capacity by up to 50%.

DuraDEEP protects your masonry