Masonry Protection - Hydrotherm - Waterproofing solution

Protecting your masonry

There are many advantages to waterproofing masonry surfaces with the DuraDEEP® treatment. In addition, Hydrotherm guarantees the effectiveness of its product on masonry for 20 years. Les surfaces traitées conserveront leur état d’origine pendant au moins 20 ans.

Lower heating costs

An untreated exterior masonry surface will tend to allow moisture to pass through to your wall insulation. Once wet, the insulation loses its effectiveness and lets heat escape from your home. By treating your exterior walls with DuraDEEP®, moisture will no longer be able to reach the insulation of your home, but is able to leave the structure thanks to the microporous technology of the treatment. This has the effect of cutting the thermal bridge, significantly reducing heat loss and energy costs by up to 30%.

Increased Durability

Whether you use it for an interior or exterior masonry wall, the DuraDEEP® treatment will ensure the long-term durability and aesthetics of your masonry surfaces. Durability is largely related to the permeability of the masonry. DuraDEEP® treatment creates an impermeable barrier against moisture that will greatly improve the durability of surfaces.

Solution Against Efflorescence

Efflorescence appears as white crystal deposits. This is the result of salts in liquid form migrating through concrete or masonry, crystallizing on contact with air as white salts and could cause the surface to shatter.

To prevent efflorescence, you need to know the cause and eradicate it. It is therefore necessary to create a barrier against water absorption by treating the surface with water repellent products such as DuraDEEP®. This will stop all efflorescence but will leave the surfaces perfectly breathable and microporous.

DuraDEEP protects your concrete